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Sleight of Dave DVD
Sleight of Dave
DVD by David Williamson - $35.00

In this DVD, you get to see one of magic’s finest practitioners AT THE HEIGHT of his creative development. David performs and explains routines that were, at the time of filming, unprecedented in style and form. Today they are as relevant and useful and amazing as they were when they were filmed,...

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Ridiculous DVD
DVD by David Williamson - $150.00

David Williamson is a phenomenon! An award-winning performer, amazing sleight of hand artist and superb entertainer. His unique style helped change the way we perform magic. And now he shares the routines that built a career, won praise from fellow performers and the applause of the audience. All...

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Reel Magic Quarterly - Episode 30 Magazine
Reel Magic Quarterly - Episode 30
Magazine by Reel Magic Quarterly - $12.00

Feature Interview - David Stone: David Stone talks to Kozmo about being influenced by the film "Rocky" and doing the impossible. Columns: NEW! Jon Armstrong - The Kaufman Sessions pt. 1 Part 1 of the Session with card master Richard Kaufman. NEW! Social...

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