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Ultimate Chair Test Routine Magic download (ebook)
Ultimate Chair Test Routine
Magic download (ebook) by Luca Volpe - $45.00

This ebook contains Luca Volpe's best stage routine; an eight-minute act with an incredible crescendo of random sequence predictions. The ultimate chair test routine act includes a series of high-impact mentalism effects, such as a serial number revelation (cleverly connected with a combination...

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Chairs Magic download (ebook)
Magic download (ebook) by Josh Zandman - $20.00

A simple impromptu, no gimmick chair routine. A spectator comes on stage and sits in any one of 7 chairs. She has a free choice and may change her mind as many times as she likes. The chair she chooses is the predicted chair containing a single envelope. Inside this envelope is a $20...

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Paul's Balls Trick
Paul's Balls
Trick by Wayne Dobson - $29.99

From the creative mind of Wayne Dobson, in collaboration with Paul Martin, Vanishing Inc are proud to be able to offer you Paul's Balls, the tossed out lottery book test. For fans of lottery prediction effects, you can't go wrong with Paul's Balls. An affordable, powerful and memorable...

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