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Rubber Cement Accessory
Rubber Cement
Accessory - $6.00

Rubber Cement in a 4 ounce bottle. (ungimmicked)

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Elastraflex - .50 Oz Bottle Trick
Elastraflex - .50 Oz Bottle
Trick by Joe Rindfleisch - $15.00

We are sure that like us, you have had your rubber bands snap on you at the wrong moment. Elastraflex will strengthen any rubber band. This is for rubber bands what a card clip is for cards. Add just a few drops to any rubber band and you'll be amazed at the transformation as it goes from...

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Rubber Exchange Magic download (video)
Rubber Exchange
Magic download (video) by Joe Rindfleisch - $5.95

Rubber Exchange is an amazing rubber band transposition were two bands in different positions change places. The switching of the bands is amazingly visual and can be instantly repeated over and over. Rubber Exchange is a multi-phase routine with an amazing ending. This impromptu...

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