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PITATA VibRing Trick
Trick by PITATA - $99.95 $70.00 (SAVE $29.95)

An electronic magic ring with endless telekinesis possibilities from PITATA, the premiere manufacturer of magic technology. The magic nut and bolt...

Tenyo Magic - Magical Sneakers Trick
Tenyo Magic - Magical Sneakers
Trick by Tenyo Magic and Ltd. Tenyo Co. - $12.50 $8.75 (SAVE $3.75)

A color divination and delightful color-matching effect combined into one fun close up magic trick. This is "Magical Sneakers" by Tenyo...

P-lotto Trick
Trick by Michael Murray - $45.00 $31.50 (SAVE $13.50)

The wickedly clever Michael Murray is at it again with a close-up lottery prediction that packs small and plays huge. For mentalists and magicians...

Midnight Breakfast Trick
Midnight Breakfast
Trick by The Other Brothers - $25.00 $17.50 (SAVE $7.50)

Midnight Breakfast is a variation of the "Out to Lunch" principle that requires no rubber bands, no clips and is 100% organic with everyday...

Coin Thru Nose Gimmicked coin
Coin Thru Nose
Gimmicked coin by Tyler Sutter - $35.00 $24.50 (SAVE $10.50)

A coin is marked for identification, paced on the tongue, swallowed, and moments later, to your audiences shock and delight, the coin is pulled right...

Sweet Explosion Trick
Sweet Explosion
Trick by Tumi Magic, John Byng and Erick White - $39.95 $28.00 (SAVE $11.95)

A crazy visual appearance. "Sweet Explosion" is a delightfully sweet new take on "Triple Helix" from Tumi Magic. "Sweet...

Ash and Ember Silver (Beveled) Trick
Ash and Ember Silver (Beveled)
Trick by Zack Heath - From $35.00 - normally $49.95

In magic there are few things more visually striking than the visual changing of an object. Ash & Ember delivers the world's first color...

No Props Needed DVD or download
No Props Needed
DVD or download by James Coats - $19.95 $9.00 (SAVE $10.95)

Have you ever been caught without cards, coins, or props? This DVD will show you how to perform magic using only your body. Join world re-known...

Crochet Ball .75 inches Accessory
Crochet Ball .75 inches
Accessory by Unknown - $1.50 $1.25 (SAVE $0.25)

Ready and waiting for your next Cups & Balls, Chop Cup or Ball and Cone routine, every ball is woven by hand from wool and the textured surface...

Varied Deceptions Book
Varied Deceptions
Book by Milbourne Christopher - $19.95 $14.00 (SAVE $5.95)

Get ready for more magic than you can handle with this comprehensive text. Varied Deceptions is bursting at the seams with all kinds of magic, so...

Cannabis Sponge Balls and Never Ending Spliffs Trick
Cannabis Sponge Balls and Never Ending Spliffs
Trick by Adam Wilber and Vulpine Creations - $40.00 $28.00 (SAVE $12.00)

A unique and edgy take on sponge magic reserved for elevated minds. Be advised this trick is not for everyone and has themes that might not resonate...

Self Vanishing Headphones Trick
Self Vanishing Headphones
Trick by Ellusionist - $39.95 $28.00 (SAVE $11.95)

A fresh new take on one of the greatest tricks of all time. The ball and vase is one of the best magic tricks ever created. There is a reason it is...

Daniel Garcia Project 6 DVD
Daniel Garcia Project 6
DVD by Daniel Garcia - $35.00 $24.50 (SAVE $10.50)

V.I.S.A - Visual Instant Static Attraction. Instantly cause the magnetic strips on two credit cards to ACTUALLY become magnetized, attracting and...

Rise Trick
Trick by Sean Scott - $99.95 $70.00 (SAVE $29.95)

Rise from Sean Scott is the phenomenon performed worldwide on TV by the likes of Dynamo and Penn & Teller. Shock your spectators as the...

Magic of Frederica  Edited Book
Magic of Frederica Edited
Book by Lewis Ganson - $29.95 $21.00 (SAVE $8.95)

This impressive collection is a compilation of the huge amount of material Tommy Frederick (Frederica) submitted to The Gen. It contains a wide...

Sole Snatcher Trick
Sole Snatcher
Trick by Joel Dickinson - $39.95 $28.00 (SAVE $11.95)

Transform your shoe into a walking mystery box. "Sole Snatcher" is a signed card to shoe that gives new meaning to the "takes up no...

One More Box Trick
One More Box
Trick by Gustavo Raley and Jorge Luques - $43.00 $39.95 (SAVE $3.05)

An fun, intriguing, and unique take on the nest of boxes plot. "One More Box" is an incredible routine from Jorge Luques that is presented...

Stab Happy Trick
Stab Happy
Trick by Abstract Effects - $25.00 $17.50 (SAVE $7.50)

The classic card stab effect has been re-designed for close-up and street magic performers. A card is selected, signed and returned to the deck and...

Klipto  Trick
Trick by Liam Montier and Big Blind Media - $25.00 $17.50 (SAVE $7.50)

A powerful new method that opens up whole new world of possibilities for a classic of magic. Three borrowed coins are locked in transparent plastic...

Slick Trick
Trick by Mark Mason and Alan Rorrison - $44.95 $31.50 (SAVE $13.45)

A devious and innovative way to peek anything. "Slick" by Alan Rorrison and Mark Mason is your new favorite everyday carry. Disguised as...

Tenyo Magic - Magical Chocolate Trick
Tenyo Magic - Magical Chocolate
Trick by Tenyo Magic and Ltd. Tenyo Co. - $15.00 $10.50 (SAVE $4.50)

A chocolate bar wrapper is introduced and the magician removes four cards. Each one has a different chocolate bar flavor printed on it: bitter...

The Rebel Wallet Elite Accessory
The Rebel Wallet Elite
Accessory by Secret Tannery - $135.65 $95.00 (SAVE $40.65)

Building on the success of the massively popular "Rebel Wallet", the "Rebel Wallet Elite" is quite possibly the finest magic...

Daniel Garcia Project 4 DVD
Daniel Garcia Project 4
DVD by Daniel Garcia - $35.00 $24.50 (SAVE $10.50)

William Tell - Show your archery skills by causing the Ace of Spades to pierce the deck finding a previously selected card. Complete with a...

Hustle DVD
DVD by Juan Marcos - $24.95 $17.50 (SAVE $7.45)

Juan Marcos brings you a packet routine in which the spectator must simply follow their selected card amongst a face down ring of seven cards. To...

New York Coin Magic Seminar - Volume 8 (More) DVD or download
Vanishing Inc. exclusive New York Coin Magic Seminar - Volume 8 (More)
DVD or download by David Roth, Al Schneider, Michael Rubinstein, Geoff Latta, Mike Gallo and Vic Trabucco - $35.00 $28.00 (SAVE $7.00)

If you are looking for a diverse collection of coin magic, Volume 8 could be for you. From the classic ‘Nest of Boxes’ to Michael Rubinstein’s...

Untouched DVD
DVD by Ryuhei Nakamura - $34.95 $24.50 (SAVE $10.45)

Gain telekinetic abilities that can be used under any circumstance. A telekinetic routine that can be performed even in unsatisfactory...

Room 66 Trick
Room 66
Trick by Magic Dream, Dylan Sausset, Axel Vergnaud and Yoan Tanuji - From $18.00 - normally $34.95

A devastating peek tool that fits on your key ring. So harmless and universal, nobody will ever suspect a thing. "What a versatile and...

Tabary Elegant Rope Magic - Volume 2 DVD or download
Tabary Elegant Rope Magic - Volume 2
DVD or download by Francis Tabary - $29.95

In VOLUME 2, Tabary continues to elevate the art of rope magic on this second volume of incredible rope magic. Featuring four outstanding routines,...

Elastic Bill Trick
Elastic Bill
Trick by Sultan Orazaly - $35.00 $24.50 (SAVE $10.50)

Melt and stretch a dollar bill with "Elastic Bill", an amazing piece of visual magic madness. This is a super unique and strong illusion...

Red Pill Blue Pill Trick
Red Pill Blue Pill
Trick by Bond Lee and MS Magic - $35.00 $24.50 (SAVE $10.50)

Red pill or blue pill, what is your choice? An original and unique piece of magic. The magician displays a bottle of pills, and has a spectator hold...

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