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Domino Effect Trick
Domino Effect
Trick by Alex Pandrea and Blue Crown - $35.00 $24.50 (SAVE $10.50)

The Domino Effect combines some of the most powerful elements in magic into one incredible routine. The magic is visual, it happens with every...

Very Best of Martin Nash - Volume 2 DVD or download
Very Best of Martin Nash - Volume 2
DVD or download by Martin Nash - DVD $13.50 or download for $29.95


eLit DVD
DVD by Peter Eggink - $34.95 $24.50 (SAVE $10.45)

PERMANENTLY WATERMARK A BORROWED BILL! A spectator is asked to select a card and to memorize it. Next, you borrow a bill from your...

Name Cup Trick
Name Cup
Trick by JOTA ILUSIONISTA and Jota - $49.95 $35.00 (SAVE $14.95)

The name on a cup of coffee or soda magically transforms into another message up to three times in a row. "Name Cup" is a super direct and...

Creative Weekly - Volume 2 Trick
Creative Weekly - Volume 2
Trick by Julio Montoro - $19.95 $14.00 (SAVE $5.95)

Volume two of Julio Montoro's super-creative monthly project. Only 400 of this limited release set were created. What is "Creative...

Very Best of Martin Nash - Volume 3 DVD or download
Very Best of Martin Nash - Volume 3
DVD or download by Martin Nash - DVD $13.50 or download for $29.95


COIL Trick
Trick by Jay Sankey - $39.95 $28.00 (SAVE $11.95)

Metal bending is a powerfully visual effect.  Coil accomplishes metal bending by using some common magic moves and sleights which you probably...

Cube: Impossible Trick
Cube: Impossible
Trick by Ryota and Cegchi - $69.95 $49.00 (SAVE $20.95)

Real Magicians RYOTA and CEGCHI have teamed up and created new cube magic! A small mixed Rubik's Cube is shown to the spectator. Then the magician...

Houdini's Niece Trick
Houdini's Niece
Trick by Wayne Dobson and Alan Wong - $35.00 $24.50 (SAVE $10.50)

An authentic piece of storytelling magic with a strange and unforgettable coincidence. Brought to you by Wayne Dobson and Alan Wong, "Houdini's...

Sharp Sorcery Book
Sharp Sorcery
Book by Les Sharps - $19.95 $14.00 (SAVE $5.95)

Looking for some incredible stand-up material? Maybe a large variety so you can pick your favorite types? You are in luck with Sharp Sorcery. Les...

SansMinds Worker's Collection: Fake Trick
SansMinds Worker's Collection: Fake
Trick by SansMinds Productionz - $25.00 $17.50 (SAVE $7.50)

What separates a hobbyist and a professional magician is not in the tricks, but the ability to make things fun, entertaining, and the dirty work done...

Phone Appetit - Tenyo 2022 Trick
Phone Appetit - Tenyo 2022
Trick by Ltd. Tenyo Co. - $15.00 $10.50 (SAVE $4.50)

While wearing a face mask printed with a giant red mouth, the magician suddenly "eats" a smartphone in plain view! You can even restore...

Lucky Star Trick
Lucky Star
Trick by Hanson Chien - $24.98 $17.50 (SAVE $7.48)

A delightful and memorable moment of rubber band magic that happens in their hands. A rubber band transforms into a star. This is a fun bit of close...

Multiple Monte Trick
Multiple Monte
Trick by Juan Pablo and Juan Pablo Ibañez - $39.95 $18.00 (SAVE $21.95)

A super fun and visual "three card monte" style effect for stage and parlor, as well as close up magic. "Multiple Monte" is a a...

Happy Birthday Torn and Restored (25-pack) Trick
Happy Birthday Torn and Restored (25-pack)
Trick by Uday's Magic World - $10.95 $7.75 (SAVE $3.20)

The perfect birthday magic trick. Multiple languages available! A strip of paper with scattered words is torn into pieces. You then restore it and...

Senses DVD & props
DVD & props by Christopher Wiehl - $34.95 $24.50 (SAVE $10.45)

A souffle cup is an overlooked item at many restaurants but it is something that we find ourselves using all the time. They are fantastic for...

Mr. Monopoly Trick
Mr. Monopoly
Trick by Julio Montoro - $35.00 $24.50 (SAVE $10.50)

Visually transform Monopoly money into real money! "Mr. Monopoly" is an innovative new gimmick from Julio Montoro that can be customized...

Ring Hole Trick
Ring Hole
Trick by Peter Eggink, Alex Latorre and Empty Hand Productions - $50.00 $35.00 (SAVE $15.00)

A modern take on the classic "Ring Flight" designed for close up magic and street magic performances. With "Ring Hole" by Peter...

iConic  Trick
Trick by Shin Lim - From $56.00 - normally $80.00

Inspired by Jerry Andrus' Omni Deck, iConic allows you to turn your iPhone completely clear. The routines included are perfect for close up,...

Page Thumb Tips - Volume 1 DVD
Page Thumb Tips - Volume 1
DVD by Patrick Page - $12.50 $8.75 (SAVE $3.75)

On this DVD, Patrick Page shows why the thumb tip remains one of the magician's most powerful secret weapons. You'll learn how to properly use a...

Razor Blade Magic DVD or download
Razor Blade Magic
DVD or download by James Coats and Nicholas Byrd - $29.95 $13.50 (SAVE $16.45)

This DVD will show you, step-by-step, how to safely manipulate razor blades to give your routine the edge it needs. Effects Included:...

Phantom Burn DVD
Phantom Burn
DVD by Alan Rorrison - $34.95 $24.50 (SAVE $10.45)

Fire has been used in rituals and performances for centuries. It is associated with having mystical properties, and with this new trick in your...

Self-Flipping Notepad Trick
Self-Flipping Notepad
Trick by Victor Sanz - $29.99 $21.00 (SAVE $8.99)

Your audience will flip their lids when they see the Self-Flipping Notepad! This might be your new favorite revelation!The Self-Flipping Notepad is...

Cabaret Card Divination Book
Cabaret Card Divination
Book by Billy McComb and Ken de Courcy - $15.00 $10.50 (SAVE $4.50)

Two master magicians come together for a divination effect like no other!Billy McComb and Ken de Courcy bring you this amazing routine that can...

Bill It Trick
Bill It
Trick by SansMinds Productionz - $35.00 $24.50 (SAVE $10.50)

What's real magic like to you? We believe that real magic should feel spontaneous and totally catch people off guard. What better way is there to...

Holy Stretch DVD
Holy Stretch
DVD by Jay Sankey - $25.00 $17.50 (SAVE $7.50)

Imagine you have just finished performing the worldwide best-seller HOLY MOLY. The audience is still reeling from the fact that you caused a real...

World's Greatest Magic - The Card Through Handkerchief DVD or download
World's Greatest Magic - The Card Through Handkerchief
DVD or download by Various - $19.95 $9.00 (SAVE $10.95)

The Card Through Handkerchief is one of card magic's most popular plots mostly because of the very strong effect that's created by relatively simple...

Secret Passage DVD
Secret Passage
DVD by Jay Sankey - $34.95 $24.50 (SAVE $10.45)

A brand NEW collection of magic with ordinary Sharpie marker! EASY TO DO MAKES FOR AN EYE-POPPING OPENING EFFECT ...

The President's Choice Trick
The President's Choice
Trick by SansMinds Productionz - $34.95 $24.50 (SAVE $10.45)

Card tricks are more memorable when another prop is included. Here, a dollar bill is used to divine a playing card in a truly unforgettable way.A...

Cornered DVD
DVD by SansMinds - $34.95 $24.50 (SAVE $10.45)

Visual magic is more memorable when your spectator gets to keep a physical reminder of the impossible moment. Imagine you fold a corner...

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