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Magician's Black Elastic Trick
Magician's Black Elastic
Trick by Uday's Magic World - $2.00 $1.50 (SAVE $0.50)

A 5 metre long black elastic, which can be used for pulls. Can be used for vanishing the objects.

Super Prediction Card Trick
Super Prediction Card
Trick by Ltd. Tenyo Co. - $22.00 $15.50 (SAVE $6.50)

Place the cards face up on the table one by one. As you do so, ask someone in the audience to select a card by telling you to stop at any time they...

Jumbo Tyvek Comedy Card Trick
Jumbo Tyvek Comedy Card
Trick by Alan Wong - $25.00 $17.50 (SAVE $7.50)

From the creative mind of Alan Wong, comes a super commercial three-phase comedy prediction routine that packs flat and plays HUGE. This versatile...

Linking Onion Rings Trick
Linking Onion Rings
Trick by Julio Montoro - $39.95 $28.00 (SAVE $11.95)

A super modern, fun and organic set of close up linking rings unlike anything we've ever seen. The idea of using onion rings as a linking rings prop...

Perfectionism Trick
Trick by DooHwang and AB - $29.95 $13.50 (SAVE $16.45)

A free choice creates perfection. "Perfectionism" by AB is a super fair and fun packet trick in which the audience's free choice helps you...

Nepomuk Trick
Trick by Abstract Effects - $24.95 $17.50 (SAVE $7.45)

A fresh, exciting and visual new addition for your repertoire from Bennie Chickering (the creative mind behind the bestselling "CVF...

Color Changing Silk Scarf Trick
Color Changing Silk Scarf
Trick by Mr. Magic - $9.95 $7.00 (SAVE $2.95)

The performer is shown holding a beautiful blue scarf in his hand. The performer closes his hand into a fist and pulls the scarf through but when...

Six 2.0 Trick
Six 2.0
Trick by Mickael Chatelain - $39.95 $28.00 (SAVE $11.95)

Mickael Chatelain and Gi'Mick Magic are delighted to bring you six new effects conceived by Mickael Chatelain.On the heels of the stock-depleting...

Trick by SMagic Productions - $29.95 $21.00 (SAVE $8.95)

Money magic that leaves the spectator wondering what the heck just happened!A spectator holds a $1 bill and you hold a $5 bill. But when you touch...

Talisman Trick
Trick by Laurent Villiger - $35.00 $24.50 (SAVE $10.50)

Simple and powerful magic that takes place in your spectator's hands. "Talisman" is a creative gimmick that hides in plain sight. It's a...

SCIN Trick
Trick by Phil Knoxville - $30.00 $21.00 (SAVE $9.00)

Phil Knoxville brings you the ultimate geeky and gross-out effect, Signed Card in Nose. This is SCIN. A card is selected from the deck,...

P&L Cups and Balls Trick
P&L Cups and Balls
Trick by Zanadu - $39.95 $28.00 (SAVE $11.95)

A true classic of magic -- The Cups and Balls. Often described as the one effect whereupon magicians can truly show their skills, imagination,...

Rocco's Prisma Lites SOUND (Bug) Trick
Rocco's Prisma Lites SOUND (Bug)
Trick by Rocco Silano - $19.95 $9.00 (SAVE $10.95)

Rocco, the originator of "light from anywhere" and Murphy's Magic are proud to announce PRISMA LITES SOUNDâ„¢. PRISMA LITES SOUNDâ„¢ are extremely fun...

Gumbelievable Trick
Trick by SansMinds Productionz - $35.00 $24.50 (SAVE $10.50)

What's real magic to you? To us, it's magic you can do with everyday objects. It needs to be visual and it needs to look like it's totally...

Perfect Bite Trick
Perfect Bite
Trick by Tumi Magic - $29.95 $13.50 (SAVE $16.45)

Borrow a dollar, take a bite out of it, restore it and give the dollar back to the spectator. "Perfect Bite" is a fun and visual new take...

Rubber Band Shapes (Hearts) Trick
Rubber Band Shapes (Hearts)
Trick by Unknown - $6.00 $4.25 (SAVE $1.75)

These great little rubber bands are pre-formed into four different shapes; hearts, triangles, squares, and stars. These fun props are perfect for...

Agility Trick
Trick by Alakazam UK and Rich Gerrish - $45.00 $31.50 (SAVE $13.50)

If you are looking for a unique mentalism presentation that will rock a spectator's world, then look no further than Agility! Using a...

Rocco's SUPER BRIGHT Prisma Lites Pair (Yellow) Trick
Rocco's SUPER BRIGHT Prisma Lites Pair (Yellow)
Trick by Rocco Silano - $14.95 $10.50 (SAVE $4.45)

Rocco, the originator of "light from anywhere" and Murphy's Magic are proud to announce SUPER BRIGHT PRISMA LITESâ„¢. For hundreds of years...

Amazing Straw Trick
Amazing Straw
Trick by JL Magic - $25.00 $17.50 (SAVE $7.50)

At first glance, this looks like any other regular straw. That is until you're able to make it impossibly start to absorb milk, or any other...

Endless Trick
Trick by Inaki Zabaletta - $40.00 $28.00 (SAVE $12.00)

A wildly unique and excitingly visual card magic opener AND closer packed into one amazing effect. Want to make a splash? Command attention before...

Cafe Hero Trick
Cafe Hero
Trick by Iain Bailey - $24.95 $17.50 (SAVE $7.45)

A multi-phase, commercial and easy-to-do routine using an everyday object everyone is familiar with. "Cafe Hero" by Lain Bailey and The...

Product Development Masterclass Trick
Product Development Masterclass
Trick by Adam Wilber and Vulpine Creations - $95.00 $66.50 (SAVE $28.50)

Adam Wilber presents more than 4.5 hours detailed instruction, exercises and case studies designed specifically to help you develop your own...

My Name Is Trick
My Name Is
Trick by Julio Montoro - $29.95 $21.00 (SAVE $8.95)

A fun and visual signature transposition. The perfect way to break the ice for your close up magic or street magic set. "My Name Is" by...

Star Draws Trick
Star Draws
Trick by Matthew Wright and Jamie Williams - $39.95 $28.00 (SAVE $11.95)

Simple and powerful magic and mentalism from the creative minds of Matthew Wright and Jamie Williams. Your participant freely selects any crayon...

The Token of Life Trick
The Token of Life
Trick by Luca Volpe, Paul McCaig and Wong Alan - $55.00 $38.50 (SAVE $16.50)

The performer introduces a folded paper package, saying that its contents represent the three levels of consciousness. Each folded layer is opened,...

M-Prediction  Trick
Trick by Mickael Chatelain and Gi'Mick Magic - $44.95 $22.50 (SAVE $22.45)

An impossibly clean prediction effect from Mickael Chatelain. From an all-white card case, you remove six cards face down. One of them is placed...

Stretcher Trick
Trick by Jay Sankey - $40.00 $28.00 (SAVE $12.00)

Shocking magic with a BORROWED item!Easy to do + extremely visual!Works with any tab from a can of soda or beer!Effect:The magician asks someone to...

Refill for Vice Trick
Refill for Vice
Trick by Jeff Prace - $6.95 $5.00 (SAVE $1.95)

So you've squished your Lifesavers and handed out all your edible, impossible objects. Now what do you do? You buy a refill! Now you can baffle 25...

Translation Trick
Trick by SansMinds Productionz - $35.00 $24.50 (SAVE $10.50)

Translation is a work of art for working magicians. With the perfect balance of modern and traditional elements, once you work with Translation, we...

Pro Series: Swordlace   Trick
Pro Series: Swordlace
Trick by SansMinds Productionz and Guillermo Dech and Yuji Enei - From $41.50 - normally $59.00

Swordlace is a classic card effect that has stood the test of time. Not only is the effect strong and direct, but having the cards spring up into the...

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