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ELF Trick
Trick by Cigma Magic - $39.95

ELF, is a very bright miniature flasher Created to be an off-branch of the Cloud 9 System, ELF has compatible plug hole with Cloud 9. The two products can be triggered by shared switches. With extra pins installed, ELF outnumbers all the other flashers, because several of them can be connected...

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Bicycle Elves and Orcs Deck Deck of cards
Bicycle Elves and Orcs Deck
Deck of cards by Nat Iwata - $10.00

A deck which draws its influence from middle-earth. Beautifully designed and printed card backs Unique court cards with showing Elves on red suits and Orcs on black A custom Elves & Orcs box, perfect for tucking Custom seal Air Cushion finish

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Change Bag (Santa Cap) Trick
Change Bag (Santa Cap)
Trick by Uday - $24.00

A new model of change bag resembling Santa's cap with a smooth finishing. Ideal for X-mas shows.

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