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The Professional Mentalist's Field Manual Book
The Professional Mentalist's Field Manual
Book by Richard Osterlind - $35.00

The Professional Mentalist's Field Manual is Richard's no-nonsense guide to the world of professional mentalism. This book is unlike any other ever offered. His hard-hitting advice is incredibly insightful and priceless for the working performer. Beware though: Richard...

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Spin DVD
DVD by Matt Sconce - $24.95

A strange and mysterious character walks into the room he has an unusual talent for distorting the laws of nature and making them follow his command. Is it possible can someone have this much power? I have seen this before in movies but this was no movie this really happened, it just looked so...

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Hidden Hand Trick
Hidden Hand
Trick by Sean Fields - $35.00

If you could make objects materialise and then disappear, this is EXACTLY how it should look. Slow, smooth and astonishing. Hidden Hand is a brand new utility device that allows for stunning vanishes and productions.  Roll your sleeves up, show your hands completely...

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