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Ask Roberto Book
Ask Roberto
Book by Roberto Giobbi - $39.00

Ask Roberto is a magic book unlike any you have ever read before (by him, or anyone else). The concept is great: Roberto invited 52 fans (via the internet) to submit a question, and he answered all 52 of them. In some cases, he added to or clarified answers later. This is the complete file of...

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Secret Agenda Book
Secret Agenda
Book by Roberto Giobbi - $55.00

So…Roberto Giobbi has already written himself into magichistory with his Card College series ofbooks. What does he do next?

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Secret Stamper Part (Refill) for Double Cross Trick
Secret Stamper Part (Refill) for Double Cross
Trick by Magic Smith - $25.00

In case you lose or break your secret stamper gimmick, this will make your Double Cross as good as new. This is the secret stamper only - you must already own the Double Cross pen in order to use this part.

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