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Trade Secrets Trick
Trade Secrets
Trick by Michael Feldman - $25.00 NOW $11.25 (SAVE $13.75)

Trade Secrets is a collection of powerful card effects from Michael Feldman. Each effect on this DVD puts a modern twist on a classic plot, designed to provide maximum impact in a variety of performing scenarios. Card enthusiasts will all find something to love on Trade Secrets. In addition to the...

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Secret Stamper Part (Refill) for Double Cross Trick
Secret Stamper Part (Refill) for Double Cross
Trick by Magic Smith - $25.00

In case you lose or break your secret stamper gimmick, this will make your Double Cross as good as new. This is the secret stamper only - you must already own the Double Cross pen in order to use this part.

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Real Secrets Book
Real Secrets
Book by Adam Milgate - $65.00

If you want to make your magic better, or even break into full-time professional magic, this book will help. It starts by asking a simple question: What is the ONE thing you could change that will make your magic better? You'll find the answer inside and it may surprise...

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