Vanishing Inc. Showtime

Welcome to Vanishing Inc. Showtime. You’ll get to see an amazing magician perform an incredible show from the comfort of your home. Then you’ll enjoy an exclusive Q&A with the act you just saw. They’ll breakdown their show and answer any questions you have about the tech they use or the magic they performed.

Upcoming Artists

Mario Daniel

Wednesday, August 4, 2021, 9pm NYC time

One of the best parts of our hit Showtime series is featuring such a lovely VARIETY of virtual magic shows. WIth Mario Daniel we take this to new... More info

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Watch these Shows with Vanishing Inc?

It's a fair question since some of our guests offer public tickets to their shows. But here are three great reasons to watch with us:

  1. Extra content. After our events we'll host a magician-centric interview with the performer to talk about the nuts and bolts of performing generally, as well as specific issues surrounding magic in a pandemic.
  2. Convenience. If you don't live in the time zone these shows are broadcast in, you'll notice most of these shows occur at inconvenient times. We're allowing all purchasers to watch live AND stream the footage for one week after the event. If you prefer to wait till the weekend or watch early so your kids can join you, it's finally possible with Vanishing Inc: Showtime.
  3. A Shared Interest. Let's face it: it's more fun to watch the show amongst other magicians. The performers will tailor aspects of the show to us, and you'll know many of the people watching at the same time. It makes for a familiar, fun show - like a convention gala.

How will I watch the show?

The shows will air over Zoom. You'll be sent a link before each show starts.

Can I download the shows afterward?

Nope. Out of respect for our performers, we're keeping this as a "live" experience. To make sure our friends all round the world can enjoy it and that people with conflicts at showtime can also tune in, we're making the footage available for streaming for one week after the airdate. Then it disappears forever.

Who else are you hosting?

We've released three sensational show names for now, and we've already scheduled other performers for future months.

What happens if I miss the live show?

You'll have a few days to stream the show after it airs. However, we will not be able to offer refunds if you miss the show and/or streaming afterwards.

Can I combine a Showtime and Masterclass subscription?

You can indeed. When you subscribe, you can choose to add Masterclass to your subscription for a big discount.