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Side Winder DVD
Side Winder
DVD by Akira Fujii - $40.00

The 'Sidewinder' accelerates your card work. You can control a card from the middle of the deck. But, this is only the beginning as this technique can be combined with other techniques you already know. Steal / Glimpse / Crimp Top and Bottom Control No Break Dribble Force Color Change Reverse and...

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Innovative Card Magic DVD
Innovative Card Magic
DVD by Mariano Goni - $34.95

"SPANISH CLOSE-UP MAGICIAN Mariano Goñi's excellent disc delivers exactly what it promises: a collection of original ideas and creative variations in card magic. Cardmen will find plenty of versatile, practical material here. Expect someone to catch you with one of these ideas at a convention."-...

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Paul Harris - Stars Of Magic 1, 2 and 3 DVD
Paul Harris - Stars Of Magic 1, 2 and 3
DVD by Paul Harris - $19.95

  Paul Harris is regarded as one of the most creative forces in the history of magic. Innovative methods, entertaining plots and great audience appeal are hallmarks of Paul’s effects.   PAUL HARRIS (VOL 1) Super Swindle Bizarre Vanish Sidewinder...

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