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Super Bowl Surprise Trick
Super Bowl Surprise
Trick by Trevor Duffy - $12.00

Get ready for a surprise touchdown. A 3-card monte that takes the audience across the gridiron and leaves them with a griddled grin!

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Dollar Size Silver Copper Chinese Transposition Trick
Dollar Size Silver Copper Chinese Transposition
Trick by Marcelo Insua - $88.00

For many years, magicians around the world have asked Tango Magic to make the Silver Copper Brass Transposition in One Dollar size. For that, it was necessary to make a very good quality one-dollar-size Chinese coin and get a one-dollar-size copper coin, too. Tango now makes an incredible...

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Jumbo Sorcerer's Surprise Trick
Jumbo Sorcerer's Surprise
Trick by Wild Magic - $24.00

Same effect as Out of Order with different graphics. The magic of literature has brought us a wonderful tool to enhance our performance as magicians. Harry Potter, a fictitious, young wizard, created through the pen of J.K. Rowling, is familiar to children around the world. The two sets...

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