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Small Miracles DVD
Small Miracles
DVD by Helder Guimarães - $29.95

Whilst in Portugal, we went to see the FISM World Champion of Card Magic, Helder Guimaraes, perform (in his native language) for a massive, sellout crowd. He was funny (based on the audience reaction), cool, confident and his magic was very strong. This is his first release. It...

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Mirror Miracle Card Trick Trick
Mirror Miracle Card Trick
Trick by Meir Yedid Magic - $10.00

EffectA delightful small miracle in the form of a four-card packet that`s really only four cards...Mirror Miracle is a quick routine using four cards that appear to be all the same, then magically transform to look the same on both sides and finally all four cards are shown to have mirror...

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Necktie Miracle Trick
Necktie Miracle
Trick by Johnny Wong - $100.00

Necktie Miracle is the latest product from Johnny Wong, 2014.It is a smart, all-around superior piece of magic gimmick.Whether in Close-up, Party Magic or Stage Magic, with Necktie Miracle you can perform all coin and mini laser CD tricks from any angle, the possibility is infinite.Effects like...

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