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Stabbed & Shot Trick
Stabbed & Shot
Trick by Bill Abbott - $39.95

Direct from Bill Abbott's professional repertoire and showcased in his recent best selling book Table Magic, Stabbed and Shot is a killer card stab with a shot glass production that comes out of nowhere! The RoutineA card is selected from a shuffled deck - signed - returned and shuffled by a...

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Bicycle Starlight Shooting Star Playing Cards Deck of cards
Bicycle Starlight Shooting Star Playing Cards
Deck of cards by Collectable Playing Cards - $9.95

Make a wish! Collectable Playing Cards introduces the 3rd edition in the sought after Starlight Collection. Starlight Shooting Star sparkles with its vibrant pinks and purples. If you have the original Starlight deck and Starlight Black Hole then make sure you don't miss out on Shooting Star....

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Shot Put Trick
Shot Put
Trick by Kyle Marlett - $20.00

Shotput is a completely bare handed shot glass productions that is a killer opening effect or a great surprise in the middle of your show. This was one of the hits of Magic Live this year, and we watched Kyle do it over and over for passersby. What makes this so great is how simple yet...

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