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Will Houstoun Live Lecture DVD DVD
Will Houstoun Live Lecture DVD
DVD by Will Houstoun - $9.95

Will Houstoun is an international award winning magician who specializes in consultancy for film and advertising as well as instruction on both the technical and historic aspects of magic.  His talent has been recognized by the likes of Martin Scorsese, as he worked as a...

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Solid 3 Shell Game Trick
Solid 3 Shell Game
Trick - $67.50

"The Solid Three Shell Game" by Leo Smetsers is a real hit! If you already own Leo Smetsers' "Three Shell Game" then this will be a great addition! You play a regular game of Three Shell with you audience. What they don't know is that the shells, which you show as being...

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Solid and Stretch DVD
Solid and Stretch
DVD by David Penn and Jonathan Farr - $39.95

Mess with your spectators' minds as they fail to return the cap you just removed from the pen. It is literally Solid. The only way to solve this problem, is to take the lid back and Stretch it to three times its normal length, before casually re-capping the pen and returning it to your pocket! With...

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