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Flip Flop Change Magic download (video)
Flip Flop Change
Magic download (video) by Blake Vogt - $10.00

Blake Vogt is on fire—having worked for David Copperfield, consulted for magicians worldwide, and creating diabolical magic. Our customers responded very positively to his Fuzion download. We still get lots of great comments about it. Now he’s back with a small but beautiful little color change:...

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Swab Change Magic download (video)
Swab Change
Magic download (video) by Andrew Salas - $5.95

This stunning color change falls into the new and wonderful category of "no cover color changes." More and more, we see beautiful color changes that no longer require the shade of a wiping hand a momentary cover of the hand. This change happens in full view. Although it looks similar to Mike...

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4 Change Magic download (video)
4 Change
Magic download (video) by bboymaigic - $10.00

4 Change is a fantastic combination of visual effects which allows you to change the denomination of a note three times before changing it into a coin! Clear video instruction makes the routine easy to learn.

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