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Pseudo Stacking Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Pseudo Stacking
Magic download (video) by Ed Marlo and Jason England - $4.95

Pseudo Stacking by Ed Marlo, Explained by Jason England In this download (and others) Jason England does something unusual and cool. He has scoured some of magic's more overlooked, obscure, and rare books to find the best tricks, and he shares them with us. In this case, you remove...

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Prism (Stack) DVD
Prism (Stack)
DVD by Dave Forrest and Wayne Goodman - $30.00

Have you ever wanted to memorise an entire deck cards? Well, thanks to Wayne Goodman's 'PRISM' stack, you don't have to! This super-simple system will allow you to know with absolute certainty, the exact card at any named position between 1 and 52. The power of knowing which card lies...

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Stack of Coins - English Penny Gimmicked coin
Stack of Coins - English Penny
Gimmicked coin by Tango Magic - $35.00

A stack of old English pennies and a leather cone case. Suitable for John Ramsay's Cylinder and Coins.

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