Bicycle One-Way Forcing Deck

Deck of cards by US Playing Card Company
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Bicycle One-Way Forcing Deck

8.00 usd

Deck of cards by US Playing Card Company (From $8.00)

Some options in stock. Order now — we'll send it first thing Tuesday morning

The One Way Forcing Deck is a deck of cards where all the cards are the same. You could kit the deck yourself by purchasing 52 regular decks, but we think this is a more feasible solution! We'll let you find effects using it; the deck comes without instructions.

We have most suits and values available, but not all have been added to the website. Click "Add to cart" and see if your preferred card is in the list. If it isn't, shoot us an email and we'll be happy to help!


Community questions about Bicycle One-Way Forcing Deck

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  • Leo asks: Do one-way forces decks exist in other brands than Bicycle and Phoenix, with other backs, less common than these ? Thanks.

    • 1. Tony answers: We have mandolin and phoenix back, please search it on our search taskbar
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  • Francis asks: Do you have them with red backs?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes. Simply select the force card and the color by clicking on "Select option and add to cart".
  • Francis asks: Thanks for letting me know about the red backs. I need to put together a pack which is half one way and half genuine. Obvioulsy the backs have to match. Can you let me know which type of accompnaying Bicycle deck I need to order so they backs are the same, please. Thanks, Frank

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: They are Bicycle Rider Back cards.
  • Richard asks: I assume Rider Backs are not guaranteed, as I just received Mandolin Backed 7 of Diamonds?

    • 1. Tony answers: It should be Bicycle back, please email they will be happy to help
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  • Kelli asks: Novice here. Are these made with the same material as standard cards?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes. They sure are. And welcome, btw. Whenever you have questions, feel free to post them here, but also you can email our Support Wizards 24/7 for faster answers. - everyone on the team there is a magician so will be able to help you!
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Customer reviews for Bicycle One-Way Forcing Deck



This deck is exactly what it is advertised to be. It arrived quickly, very well protected and in perfect condition. I recommend buying these decks from Vanishing to everyone.



I bought this along with a "Short Deck" so I could make my own "Reverse Svengali Deck", worked perfectly!



Great deck trick.



To have a deck of all the same card is such a stupid idea, it can be used as a gag or surprisingly used as a highly deceptive method. The idea of all cards being the same is so obvious it actually is unlikely to be suspected by some audiences, and can allow for some seriously fooling and fair magic.

Alternately, use some of the cards from the deck for a packet trick, or use some of them the build a gaffed deck like a Svengali, there are many options with this deck. It does what it says on the tin, if you like it you won't be dissappointed.



This is a standard in magic to obtain extra cards that are the same. They can be used in multiple ways from making custom gaffed cards, to specific card tricks which require extra cards, or replacement cards for ones that are either signed or ripped. Buying this deck saves from buying several other normal decks and destroying one or two cards, making the deck incomplete.



I bought one of these decks to use in mentalism, a reveal for equivoque. It works really good, it can be also great for forcing a card because nobody thinks that you can have a deck with one card. Great bicycle quality.

Bicycle One-Way Forcing Deck by US Playing Card Company