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Cotton Rope 50' (White) Trick
Cotton Rope 50' (White)
Trick by The Essel Magic - 12.00

Rope magic is fantastic, but it's extremely hard to find great rope. This is it folks! High-quality rope for your Cut and Restored or other rope...

Torch to Rose Trick
Torch to Rose
Trick by The Essel Magic - 5.95

This is a stage item, and a beautiful one at that. If you are opening with a sequence to music, what a lovely prop this is to grab...

The Solution Book
The Solution
Book by Michael Murray - 26.95

"When I first heard about The Solution from Michael Murray, I knew I had to have it. The moment I heard the method, I knew it was GOLD and I...

Card Castle with Six Card Repeat Trick
Card Castle with Six Card Repeat
Trick by The Essel Magic - 19.95

This is a really smart combination of two classic tricks. Imagine doing Six Card Repeat, each time counting a packet of six cards, and then throwing...

12in Linking Rings SS Trick
12in Linking Rings SS
Trick by Mr. Magic - 49.95

Linking Rings, when done right, are like poetry in motion. There are endless sequences and routines, and it's a rite of passage in magic. This is a...

Card Castle Junior Trick
Card Castle Junior
Trick by The Essel Magic - 9.95

This is a classic card castle production perfect for photo shoots or a production at the end of a routine.Easy to perform! The magician drops cards...

Applause Card Trick
Applause Card
Trick by The Essel Magic - 9.95

Getting applause from stiff crowds can be our toughest challenge as magicians. Not anymore! This is a cute, playful, and effective way to up your...

Vanishing Martini Bottle Trick
Vanishing Martini Bottle
Trick by The Essel Magic - 19.95

This is a classic parlor effect that will make a nice addition to your kids or parlor adult show.  After pouring a glass of liquid from a...

Homing Ring Trick
Homing Ring
Trick by Gary Ouellet - 9.00

This routine elevates the ring-on-rope premise to the level of grand illusion! The result of years of regular use and refinement, it continues to be...

String of Silks Trick
String of Silks
Trick by The Essel Magic - 14.95

Generations have seen the endless string of silks being pulled from a pocket or other prop -- it is always a delight to audiences young and old....

The Spectrumalist Trick
The Spectrumalist
Trick by Wayne Dobson - 99.22

Wayne Dobson is one of our industry's most beloved, clever creators. And here is he has come up with a fabulous presentation and method for...

The Yarn Trick
The Yarn
Trick by Manuel Llaser - 29.00

The "No way!" signed bill in ball of wool A spectator's SIGNED bill vanishes and reappears tied at the end of a ball of wool! ...

Kung Fu Foot Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Kung Fu Foot
Trick by Héctor Mancha - 30.00

How do you reveal a card onstage? It has to be something dynamic, physical, and memorable. Cue "Kung Fu Foot"! Created and honed to perfection by...

Moroccan Wrist Restraint Trick
Moroccan Wrist Restraint
Trick by - 44.95

Imagine... A chosen playing card is lost in the deck. You then proceed to have your wrists tightly locked together using the Moroccan Wrist...

Coffee Cup Chop Cup (3 cups and 2 balls) Trick
Coffee Cup Chop Cup (3 cups and 2 balls)
Trick by Leo Smetsers - 38.25

Magicians from all over the world fascinate their audiences with routines using just a cup and a ball. Chop Cups come in all sorts of sizes and...

Ice Qube Trick
Ice Qube
Trick by Saturn Magic - 55.00

Kieron Johnson just FLOORED everyone at the Session Convention with his original brand of magic. And he specializes in magic with ice. We love...

Instapad Trick
Trick by Gee Magic - 29.95

The plot is simple. The magician introduces the Instapad by saying that it will be important in a few moments. He can put it on the table, or...

Razor Switch Device Trick
Razor Switch Device
Trick by Amazo Magic - 99.95

We get SO many requests for versions of the Razor Blades effect that are safe and efficient and practical. Well, this is it!After showing five sharp...

Silk to Chocolate Trick
Silk to Chocolate
Trick by Sean Yang - 24.95

Cleanly show a silk and tuck it into a closed fist. With a gentle blow, the silk has transformed into a gorgeous chocolate! A new...

Conscious Magic Episode 2 DVD
Conscious Magic Episode 2
DVD by Andrew Gerard and Ran Pink - 35.00

"When I see Ran or Andrew's name on a product I instantly want to learn it because I know it's going to be well thought out and above all a real...

Coffee Cup Trick
Coffee Cup
Trick by Mariano Goni Fernandez - 34.95

This looks absolutely wonderful. It's rare to find such a unique piece of formal close-up magic.It has been said that if you want to develop new...

The Bucket DVD
The Bucket
DVD by Vernet Magic - 25.00

This is EXACTLY the kind of thing we love to support at Vanishing Inc. Magic. Greco has been doing the Miser's Dream for a lifetime, and he shares...

Meet The Jack DVD
Meet The Jack
DVD by Jorge Garcia - 30.00

We weren't familiar with Jorge Garcia, but we were delighted by his debut DVD. This is real-world parlor material that you can pluck right into your...

Nick Lewin's Ultimate Multiplying Bottles Routine DVD
Nick Lewin's Ultimate Multiplying Bottles Routine
DVD by Nick Lewin - 35.00

"Now you will always have a strong closer to your show for the rest of your career." - Ken Brooke "Nick's handling of the bottles is the...

Nick Lewin's Ultimate Electric Chair and Paper Balls Over Head DVD
Nick Lewin's Ultimate Electric Chair and Paper Balls Over Head
DVD by Nick Lewin - 99.00

All you need are thirteen paper napkins, an empty chair, and THIS ROUTINE! This routine is one of the most highly commercial and...

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