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Volition Trick
Trick by Steve Cook - 25.00

Volition by Steve Cook is a totally hands off Bank Night effect perfect for the close-up, strolling or parlour magician/mentalist. Four...

Genii Tube Trick
Genii Tube
Trick by Tony Karpinski - 150.00

The Karpinski Genii Tube has unique features that differentiate it from the traditional Genii Tube. The square design, rather than the more...

David Williamson Raccoon Show DVD
David Williamson Raccoon Show
DVD by David Williamson - 27.00

Have you ever wanted to master the handling for the “Rocky Raccoon” spring puppet? Now you can learn from the master, who is arguably the funniest...

Astor Mental (Stage Version) Trick
Astor Mental (Stage Version)
Trick by Astor - 499.00

For this trick the magician uses a transparent perspex board, five E.S.P. cards with blue backs and five E.S.P. cards with red backs. Every blue...

Transformation Silk DVD
Transformation Silk
DVD by Dominic Duvivier - 27.00

Twelve routines (plus bonuses) with cards, banknotes, ropes, wallets, mentalism... plenty of tricks that everyone can perform, even the beginners....

Magic Elegance Trick
Magic Elegance
Trick by Juan Pablo - 125.00

Three different spectators pick any card from a deck. The cards are put back and lost in the deck. The magician says he will find the cards in an...

Rainbow Monte Trick
Rainbow Monte
Trick by Juan Pablo - 49.95

The magician shows three blank cards and one Ace. He makes the monte and the spectator always loses. At the end of the show the magician shows that...

Sleeve Bouquet (10 Flowers) Trick
Sleeve Bouquet (10 Flowers)
Trick by Uday - 20.00

These lovely feather bouquets are a great single-handed production item. You can compress them into a very thin bundle to fit either up your jacket...

Card Castle Trick
Card Castle
Trick by Mr. Magic - 24.95

Card Castle is a wonderful magic effect. It is easy to perform and will amaze any audience. Effect: The magician throws some cards on...

Duck Pan Trick
Duck Pan
Trick by Mr. Magic - 79.95

Duck Pan is a large version of the classic Dove Pan which of course is used for a stage performance. Effect: The magician displays a large empty...

Trick by Cigma Magic - 140.00

UNITS, the unprecedentedly neat invisible thread system, thoroughly revolutionizes the traditional ways the invisible thread has long been used....

The End of My Rope Trick
The End of My Rope
Trick by Chris Philpott - 34.95

From the creator of The 100th Monkey comes a new, versatile and incredibly visual method for rope magic! The magician coils a rope, and has a...

Signature Edition Sketchpad Card Rise Add-On Module (9D and 2C) Refill
Signature Edition Sketchpad Card Rise Add-On Module (9D and 2C)
Refill by Martin Lewis - 90.00

For the owners of Martin Lewis' Signature Sketchpad Card Rise another add-on has been added to extend your repertoire. This module lets you rise...

Human Slot Machine Trick
Human Slot Machine
Trick by Quique Marduk - 85.00

Based upon an idea from Jim Steinmayer, Human Slot Machine is a fun, easy to perform comedy act that's easy to do and is in short, a human slot...

Smart Cubes Trick
Smart Cubes
Trick by Tiawan Ben - From $195.00

You present two columns of dice with the numbers 1 through 6 on them. In one of the columns, the number sequence is from top to bottom, in the...

Chick Pan (Aluminium) Trick
Chick Pan (Aluminium)
Trick by Mr. Magic - 24.95

'Chick Pan' is a miniature version of classic 'Dove Pan' tricks, so that it is suitable for smaller size shows. After showing the pan empty you...

Stand-up Card Magic Book
Stand-up Card Magic
Book by Roberto Giobbi - 59.95

Books devoted to card magic number in the thousands, and those books have offered hundreds of thousands of card tricks, most of them designed for...

Dove Holder Accessory
Dove Holder
Accessory by Richard Griffin - From $29.95

You receive one dove holder for production of a live dove from a silk hanky, gloves, newspaper etc. Bonus: Free dove video download (over...

Clonk 3 Trick
Clonk 3
Trick by Martin Andersen - 380.00

We are thrilled to be able to offer you this perfect modern take on the classic Miser's Dream plot, Clonk³. Three coins magically travel, one by...

Priceless Trick
Trick by Richard Sanders and Michel Huot - 79.95

Imagine being able to have ANY named price appear written in a price tag, hanging from a security tag fixed to your clothing! Imagine no more....

Roped Evolution DVD
Roped Evolution
DVD by Juan Pablo - 41.40

Fans of rope magic are going to love this DVD from Juan Pablo, featuring some of the most mind-bending rope effects possible. Juan...

Professional Sands of the Desert Trick
Professional Sands of the Desert
Trick by Luis de Matos - 1250.00

Vanishing Inc are thrilled to be able to offer you Luis de Matos' unique version of the classic "Sands of the Desert". His signature piece, this is...

The Needles Trick
The Needles
Trick by Scott Alexander - 295.00

Scott Alexander and Puck have teamed up to create what is best described as the most direct, safest and easily reset version of the classic...

Hathaway Rising Cards Houlette Trick
Hathaway Rising Cards Houlette
Trick by Martin Lewis - 360.00

Hathaway's remarkable contribution to the rising cards trick has become a classic of its genre. This astonishing effect is not only deceptive and...

Dream Prediction Lite Trick
Dream Prediction Lite
Trick by Paul Romhany - 199.95

Paul Romhany's top selling one-person prediction routine just got better. The original Dream Prediction was one of the Top Selling Products for...

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