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SHINE (with remote) Trick
SHINE (with remote)
Trick by MS Magic - $55.00

Shine Get ready to light up a room with Shine! The effect is straightforward yet elegant. The performer is able to cause the bulb to light up without touching it. You can add this amazing piece of magic into so many routines. With Shine the possibilities are endless. Shine is the ideal way to add...

China Mystery Square Circle Trick
China Mystery Square Circle
Trick by Mr. Magic - $39.95 NOW $30.36 (SAVE $9.59)

A great and magical production device! Remove a tube from an empty box (which is transparent on the front side) and show that the tube is empty as well. Place the tube back inside the box, and produce an item (e.g., large scarf, small plush bunny, etc.). You can remove the tube, show it and the box...

20th Century Silk Trick
20th Century Silk
Trick by Mr. Magic - $24.95 NOW $18.96 (SAVE $5.99)

Gorgeous rendition of a classic effect! Vanish a silk handkerchief. Then tie two other silk handkerchiefs together. Two participants pull on the two silks and, magically, the vanished silk now appears TIED BETWEEN the two silks! Looks great! If you don't wish to vanish a silk, it's just as magical...

Production Silk Rainbow (36
Production Silk Rainbow (36" x 36")
Trick by Mr. Magic - $35.00 NOW $26.60 (SAVE $8.40)

Here's a fabulous and colorful item to produce magically in your show. It's a gorgeous silk handkerchief that's beautifully rainbow colored. Produce it from your favorite production item and get those WOW! reactions you want to hear from an astonished audience! Quality made and durable.

Appearing Bouquets from Hank (4) Trick
Appearing Bouquets from Hank (4)
Trick by Black Magic - $375.00

Several amazing productions! The magician comes onstage holding a large, silk handkerchief. He, then, can easily show both sides of the handkerchief to the audience. Afterwards, he suddenly makes four bunches of flowers appear out of this handkerchief, one production at a time! The bunches of...

20th Century Balloon Silk Frame Trick
20th Century Balloon Silk Frame
Trick by Mr. Magic - $69.95 NOW $53.16 (SAVE $16.79)

Show a beautiful wooden frame empty inside and is open, front and back. Blow up a balloon (e.g., yellow) and place it inside the frame. Take two pocket handkerchiefs (e.g., red) and place one through a hole in the right side of the frame - do the same with the other hankie through a hole in the...

Umbrellas from Handkerchief Trick
Umbrellas from Handkerchief
Trick by Mr. Magic - $65.00 NOW $49.40 (SAVE $15.60)

Four mystifying and colorful productions! Show four brightly-colored silk handkerchiefs, one at a time. Bunch them all together, hanging from your hand. Reach inside and magically produce a large, colorful umbrella! Repeat this until you have made FOUR umbrellas appear, one at a time! They seem to...

Cobra Tie Trick
Cobra Tie
Trick by Mr. Magic - $34.95 NOW $26.56 (SAVE $8.39)

This is a novel item to add to your platform/stage show! In effect, an examined necktie is coiled up and placed on a flat tray; performer holds the tray in his hand. Next, with musical accompaniment, also with command from the performer, the broad end of the tie slowly rises like a cobra's hood,...

Vanished Ring in Milk Trick
Vanished Ring in Milk
Trick by Mr. Magic - $15.00 NOW $11.40 (SAVE $3.60)

From the beginning of your show, have a glass of milk on the table. Later, borrow a ring from someone in the audience and vanish it. Magically, the ring is later found in that same glass of milk that has been on the table the entire time! The ring can be removed dry if you wish. Real milk can be...

Production Hank with Four Bouquets Trick
Production Hank with Four Bouquets
Trick by The Essel Magic - $25.00 NOW $19.00 (SAVE $6.00)

Show a large, elegant handkerchief on both sides - it is decorated in a beautiful floral design. Fold the ends up, and magically produce a gorgeous, multi-colored bouquet of flowers! Show the hank empty once again. Produce ANOTHER bouquet! This can be repeated until FOUR wonderful bouquets have...

Foo Can Trick
Foo Can
Trick by The Essel Magic - $19.95 NOW $15.16 (SAVE $4.79)

This utility item has so many surprising uses. Pour some water in the can from a large jug. Then apparently pour water from the can into a cone made out of newspaper and then suddenly flick the newspaper open! The water is found to have vanished! You can use the item for the 'Anti-gravity' effect....

Incredible Block  Penetration Trick
Incredible Block Penetration
Trick by The Essel Magic - $39.95 NOW $30.36 (SAVE $9.59)

This is possibly the strongest visible penetration trick, ever invented! A large wooden square tube is standing on a slightly raised wooden base. The tube has three large holes on the front as well as on the back wall, so that interior of the tube is clearly visible to the audience. Further, on the...

Cage and Cylinder Mystery Trick
Cage and Cylinder Mystery
Trick by The Essel Magic - $29.95 NOW $22.76 (SAVE $7.19)

A bewildering mystery production! Show an empty cage, as well as two empty brass cylinders (tubes). Cover the cage with one cylinder, then with the other, showing both cylinders to be empty. Remove the cylinders and VOILA! The cage now contains several colorful balls! Audiences love this one!

Slate Of Mind Trick
Slate Of Mind
Trick by The Essel Magic - $15.00 NOW $11.40 (SAVE $3.60)

A great mind-reading trick - wows audiences every time! A slate having several numbers is shown, with a playing card attached next to each number. An audience member names any number they wish. The card next to that number is moved to the top of the board. When the board is turned around, it is...

Nari Flower Trick
Nari Flower
Trick by JL Magic - $90.00 NOW $68.40 (SAVE $21.60)

You will amaze your audiences when you instantly produce a beautiful set of colorful Nari Flowers (Lilies). Effect: Place a couple of silks in a pan and place the lid on top. Using your finest magical gestures and eloquent patter, lift the lid. Suddenly, beautiful flowers appear and are much bigger...

Dove Catch Trick
Dove Catch
Trick by JL Magic - $220.00 NOW $167.20 (SAVE $52.80)

Here's a new and dramatic way to produce doves! Show an empty cage, and wave a net attached to a pole, pretending to "catch" a dove. Place the net with this imaginary dove near the cage and VOILA! A dove magically appears! Repeat this "catching" and a SECOND dove...

Jerry's Nugget Stripper Deck Deck of cards
Jerry's Nugget Stripper Deck
Deck of cards by Conjuring Arts Research Center - $15.00

Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards like you’ve never seen before! Locate, control or cut to any card with ease thanks to the unbelievable Jerry’s Nugget Stripper Deck. This sneaky card magic utility tool was built using Modern Feel Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards, the new deck of cards capturing the iconic...

Jerry's Nugget Gaff Deck Deck of cards
Jerry's Nugget Gaff Deck
Deck of cards by Conjuring Arts Research Center - $18.00

Unlock a multitude of mind-blowing card magic effects with the amazing Jerry’s Nugget Gaff Deck. Each deck comes with 56 specially-designed gimmick cards printed on thin-crushed premium stock by the USPCC that pair perfectly with the Modern Feel Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards. What are Jerry’s...

i-Lite Garland Trick
i-Lite Garland
Trick by Viktor Voitko - $50.00

Now you can produce a multi-colored, glowing garland that's 2 meters long! Make it appear from your mouth, your fist, a napkin, a bill or other places. The incredible culmination for i-Cup routine. First, you drink a cocktail with glowing lights from an i-Cup. Then you pull a glowing garland from...

I-Lite Cup V2 Trick
I-Lite Cup V2
Trick by Viktor Voitko - $325.00

"It is THE BEST addition to any D-lite routine I've ever seen." Paul Romhany - Editor VANISH MAGIC MAGAZINE "This is a GREAT idea. Congratulations!" Jeff Hobson - Veteran Las Vegas performer for 15 years. Headliner with the largest selling, touring magic show of all time,...

SnowShot Trick
Trick by Viktor Voitko - $35.00

SnowShot is very useful gimmick for the appearance of confetti. It is indispensable if you desire producing confetti in your performance. Your hands are always clean before and after the confetti's appearance. This product is perfect for surprising the spectators by transforming small objects of...

P.G. Balloon V2 Trick
P.G. Balloon V2
Trick by Viktor Voitko - $250.00

P.G. Balloon Pumping Gimmick for a Balloon A lot of effects and one gimmick. Imagine that a magician, after completely swallowing a balloon, reaches into his mouth and slowly starts to pull out a blown-up balloon! That's right - you have read it right... If you don't perform the swallowing...

Edible Balloon Trick
Edible Balloon
Trick by Viktor Voitko - $25.00

"When I came up with PGBalloon, the device for the appearance of an inflated balloon from the mouth, firstly it was necessary to eat the inflated balloon. Initially, I thought it would be easy to do. I tried a lot of ways, but I did not like any of them because none worked with 100%...

Compact Vase Trick
Compact Vase
Trick by Viktor Voitko - $225.00

Many magicians perform the Sands of the Desert Trick. In this trick, the visual effect is extremely important, so that all spectators can see how you're pouring the sand into the vase, how the sand is getting mixed, how the water inside the vase is getting darker. If the vase isn't the stem type...

Appearing SnowStorming Fan V2 Trick
Appearing SnowStorming Fan V2
Trick by Viktor Voitko - $140.00

2 killer effects in a row! First a BIG fan appears... Second, a HUGE confetti snowstorm out of nowhere!!! Please note these revolutionary points: No extra confetti load from your hands, everything is self-contained; just make the fan appear and everything flows until the climax. Also, a new effect...