Prestige 2.0

Trick by Sergey Koller
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Prestige 2.0

150.00 usd

Trick by Sergey Koller ($150.00)

Out of stock. Email me when new stock arrives.
Prestige 2.0 - magic
Prestige 2.0 Prestige 2.0 Prestige 2.0 Prestige 2.0 Prestige 2.0

Created due to popular demand. A new, improved non-elastic version of this bestseller.

"Already implemented this in my shows and it kills!" Kevin Li

"Prestige 2.0" by Sergey Koller is years in the making. The quality of the flaps, paper and plastic sleeves is better than ever. Most importantly, there is a new gravity-based system. You'll never have to worry about threads breaking.

Use this incredible tool to perform a variety of stage and parlor magic effects from comedy magic to more serious mentalism routines.

"It has so many possibilities!" Kevin James

"I'm glad I bought it and will use it" Jeff Hobson

"One of the best tricks of the year!" Les French Twins

You can use this a force or a quickfire bank night or roulette-style routine. However, no sneaky moves or switches are needed, and different presentations where the spectator "wins" can be used.

For example, show five different cards. The participant is invited to choose one that will represent the future of the world. They make their selection and you pull out the card to show it reads "PEACE". This seems great! But it gets even crazier, when you reveal that all the other numbers had "WAR" on the back. It's a shocking moment of surprise that adds an extra kick to this routine. (You may have seen it performed with "HUG" and "KILL/SLAP" before).

You can use the supplied plastic holders (which gives you an additional effect with the numbers) or any holder such as a notebook holder. Or if you wish you can simply put the cards next to any object on your table. You can make any single card change, whether they are in the foldable clear plastic holder or on the table next to an object!

NOTE: This version is not reusable. Whatever you write will be permanent.


Customer reviews for Prestige 2.0



This is a fun trick to perform.

Quality is just ok and could be better. As soon as I opened and inspected the trick I found one of the panels needed a little bit of glue to fix. I can see this trick needs to be treated carefully. Instructions include care and storage advice.

The storage case is excellent. I received a pink case so it looks like a ladies evening clutch bag!

The workings of the trick utilises gravity but I found that they need a little coercion. Maybe after a while they will loosen.

It's true that you need to decide on the hug-kill theme as it is permanent. You receive two templates. I don't know if the templates received are random but I received an image of socks, and $1000. The $1000 is useless for a Brit so it just leaves me socks. I already decided to use hug-kill before I purchased but unfortunately a template for this wasn't included.

Overall I'm very pleased with this.



The effect works great, but for £130 I’m quite disappointed in the quality of this product. The plastic folding wallet is made from a very thin material. My plan was to add this effect in to my touring show for the year, but after a couple of performances I’m already seeing signs of wear & tear.


Community questions about Prestige 2.0

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  • Paul asks: What does 'this version is not erasable' mean ?

    • 1. Alec answers: Whatever you write on it is permanent. It does not use dry erase.
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  • Ben asks: How much more durable is the plastic sleeve that holds the cards? My old version fell apart after 2-3 uses.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The plastic sleeve is the same as the original. They do have some extra tips on taking care of it after each performance.
  • Peter asks: So this is a copy of Tom Stones’ routine?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This takes inspiration because this routine doesn't require a force. Plus, you have other options besides Hug/Kill
  • John asks: This looks great! But is it fair to presume that if this is not erasable, you have to pick one theme and stick with it? So for example, if I wrote "Hug/Kill" on all of the cards, I can't also use this device/gimmick for another presentational idea?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This version is not reusable. Whatever you write will be permanent.
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