Refilled by Henry Harrius

Trick (pre-order - ships Jul 15) by Henry Harrius
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Refilled by Henry Harrius

75.00 usd

Trick (pre-order - ships Jul 15) by Henry Harrius ($75.00)

Refilled by Henry Harrius - magic
Refilled by Henry Harrius Refilled by Henry Harrius Refilled by Henry Harrius Refilled by Henry Harrius

Henry Harrius is finally sharing one of his oldest, best kept secrets. “Refilled” is a signature routine in his working commercial set and we’re proud to be the only magic shop allowed to offer this beautiful modern version of a beloved classic.

An empty glass bottle of Corona beer is introduced alongside a paper bag and bottle opener (a.k.a your “magic wand"). The bottle is then placed in the bag and magically becomes refilled and sealed. You can immediately hand it out to an audience member. It’s a real beer they can enjoy during the show.

If your mind immediately jumps to Norm Nielsen’s “Classic Vanishing Bottle”, you’d be on the right track. However, what makes “Refilled” so special is the added depths to the illusion Henry has integrated to make this effect more deceptive then ever. This brilliantly constructed routine allows the spectator to now touch, and even hear, the empty bottle before it’s refilled.

“Henry’s latest improvements on the vanishing bottle bring him one step closer to being a genius. This one is going into my Hidden Wonders show immediately.” Shawn Farquhar

Produced with full permission from Norm Nielsen Magic, this is the most realistic vanishing bottle gimmick you’ll ever find. “Refilled” by Henry Harius is the ideal routine for any stage and parlor magic show or Zoom magic show, and can even be used during close up magic at a bar or party if you’d like. There is so much natural comedy and fun built right into this incredible routine.

Comes with:

  • Precision-made “Refilled” bottle gimmick
  • Enough stickers for at least 100 performances
  • Wood bottle opener

You must supply your own paper bag and real Corona beer.

“The vanish of a bottle in a paper bag is a popular piece. Henry has come up with a delightful version that both increases the deception and adds a new surprising ending.” tom stone

"This is the best, most realistic prop of its kind with a kicker ending any pro would be proud to use. I know I will." Eric Jones

“A very simple (and brilliantly produced) prop and a very simple routine is all that Henry needs for our minds to effortlessly fool themselves. Cheers!” Pit Hartling

IMPORTANT: As this is a signature routine for Henry, he has elected to not include TV rights with this effect. If you’d like to perform “Refilled” on TV, please contact Henry at


Community questions about Refilled by Henry Harrius

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  • Randy asks: Is there a video available?

    • 1. Rob answers:
    • 2. Randy answers: Craig Petty offers this thorough review with a few performance videos also (the official video, a performance by Craig, and a silent performance by Craig's son):
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  • Beth asks: How hard is this to perform? I'm new to magic and not as skilled as most are........

    • 1. Hito answers: Not hard at all. Pretty much self working.
    • 2. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Nearly self-working
    • 1. Hito answers: Not hard at all. Pretty much self working.
  • Mike asks: It says “stickers for aprox 100 shows”… If you use them all, can you buy more? Or do need to buy the whole trick again?

    • 1. Ken answers: Replacement stickers and bags are available.
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  • Mark asks: At about 00:45 there's what appears to be an animated graphic on the bag. Is it part of the effect?

    • 1. Jim answers: Nope. It is just there as part of the ad.
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  • Randy asks: is this anymore than a plastic empty beer bottle and a filled one?

    • 1. Gaetano answers: I don't think so
    • 2. Bud answers: There is more to this illusion than just an empty beer bottle and a filled beer bottle.
    • 3. Jaime answers: Can you show the bag to the audience before puting the empty botlle?
    • 4. Rod answers: I don’t think you can show the bag empty before … it is what it is.
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  • Larry asks: Any options other than Corona beer?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Just Corona at this time.
  • Jorge asks: Is this suitable for walk around/restaurant magic?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yup!
  • Benjamin asks: Is it the same principle as “cube in bottle” from HH ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, similar.
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