Tic Tac Toe X (stage)

Trick by Lee Jah Bond
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Tic Tac Toe X (stage)

499.95 usd

Trick by Lee Jah Bond (499.95)

Out of stock. Email me when new stock arrives.
Tic Tac Toe X (stage) - magic
Tic Tac Toe X (stage) Tic Tac Toe X (stage) Tic Tac Toe X (stage) Tic Tac Toe X (stage) Tic Tac Toe X (stage) Tic Tac Toe X (stage)

Due to overwhelming customer demand following the launch of Tic Tac Toe Pro, Lee Jah Bond is thrilled to introduce the professional-quality Tic Tac Toe X.

Tic Tac Toe X is a fantastic way to end your mentalism show. The final prediction can be customized to feature everything from a message to a photo or company logo.

This is the perfect Tic Tac Toe prediction for parlor magic, stage magic or corporate magic shows. As it's super visual and easy to follow, it's also a great addition to your virtual magic shows.

This superior set is built for professional magicians. It comes with 9 high-quality "X" & "O" magnetic pieces that snap beautifully to the magnets on the gorgeous acrylic frame. This frame has been carefully redesigned to ensure its lighter and more durable than ever before. You'll also receive an acrylic stand and metal stand.

You can easily transport Tic Tac Toe X with you everywhere you go. It packs small and plays HUGE.


Customer reviews for Tic Tac Toe X (stage)



A great trick, let down by the stand!
I wanted a new trick that would play to a large audience, one which would be adaptable for different audiences. I already had Tic Tac Toe mini so I knew the concept and thought the stage version would be ideal. I also like the fact that with the new version the finished image isn't hidden behind the perspex.
I think the new set up holds together well but what didn't work for me was the stand that came with it. Even with the "modification" that you have to do, the shelf that the board sits on still bent, also the clip at the top didn't even fit my board after I attached my image to it.
I am now using a table top easel that I had at home which works fine but I'm looking for something better. In my opinion the trick would be better by being a little bit cheaper with out the stand then you can decide what stand would fit your working environment the best.
I used the trick this week for a group of 120 teenage school children, it got a huge gasp as I turn the board around, that's high praise from one of the most difficult age groups to impress.
I love the trick, I just need to find the right stand!



Great routine for stage!

I've already made back the purchase by upsell two virtual shows - one with a logo reveal, and one with the picture of the person who i was playing tic-tac-toe with.

There is definitely some memory work involved, but after a few run throughs, you'll see a pattern. If you can have a crib out of sight, you'll be golden!

1) That redesigned frame is light and easy to put together.

2) Having the included tripod means i don't have to worry about bringing or having an additional table on stage.

3) comes with everything you need, and extras just in case. You do however need to print out your reveal on your own (but it comes with all the files you need in a pen drive).

1) while practising i've accidentally dropped the "magnetic plates" and have ruined the corners. Obviously to keep the weight down, i understand the reason behind the material chosen. Also, on stage, these dinged corners wont be apparent.

2)the plates are cut to perfection -they line up perfectly. It's a great in the final reveal, but tough to make look smooth when you're placing the plates in certain spots on the frame. I might trim a hair off the sides to see if placing them on the frame makes a difference.

3) Nitpicking here. The clamp at the top isn't the best, but is secure enough. It perfectly fits the top of the frame, but not the frame and the magnetic plate. It would be nice for that added bit of security.


Most of my gigs are stage, which is why i leaned towards this model. I think the parlor option would be perfect for Virtual shows.

Hopefully i won't have to pick up new magnetic plates anytime soon.

This is definitely a routine i will continue to work, and the reveal at the end is definitely something the spectators wont see coming.


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  • James asks: What is ease of performing, I have memory issues

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There is some memory work involved.
  • James asks: what size is this board? and it comes with everything pictured correct?

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    • 1. Jim answers: The whole package is about 13.0 x 32.0 x 6.0 inches.
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