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Torn DVD
DVD by Daniel Garcia - $35.00

In the basement of a seedy Las Vegas hotel, Daniel Garcia slowly touched two pieces of a torn playing card together. Achingly slowly, with no cover, he let go of one of the pieces and the card was restored! Paul Harris shook his head and softly muttered "If this kid is not using some kind...

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Antigravity Trick
Trick by James Paul - $24.95

Imagine being able to balance a glass containing any liquid at an impossible angle! Some of the most amazing magic effects are those that disprove what science tells us. This effect is so simple in it's effect but the impossible situation that you create is sure to amaze your audience. ...

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The Opposite of People Book
The Opposite of People
Book by Michael Feldman - $30.00

The Opposite of People is a collection of six routines culled straight from Michael Feldman's regular performing repertoire:A Familiar RingEnd For EndSpectacle for the EyesNot AgainPhorgerySticky Prediction

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