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Stir Fry Trick
Stir Fry
Trick by John Kennedy - $39.50

New and improved! Toss a coin into a cup, stir, and then "fry" your audience when the coin penetrates the bottom of the cup! Stir Fry works with any coin and non-transparent cup. You can use ceramic cups, plastic cups, even paper cups such as Starbucks and other brands! The secret is...

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Crazy Years Trick
Crazy Years
Trick by Tango Magic - $99.00

From the creative mind of Marcelo Insua a.k.a. Mr. Tango, another original coin routine to perform on stage, parlor and close up. Minimal sleight of hand, incredible effect:TWO SIGNED COINS EXCHANGE THEIR DATES!Props and DVD included. BONUS: T.U.C Secrets DVD.

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Crazy Man's Marked Deck Accessory
Crazy Man's Marked Deck
Accessory by Sean Taylor - $15.00

EffectThe magician relates a story about how his Grandfather, a retired riverboat gambler, would always beat him at cards. He goes on to explain that he finally found out the old man was able to win by using a unique marking system for the cards. Removing a red deck, the magician shows that his...

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