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Stregone Wand Trick
Stregone Wand
Trick by ABC Trading - $19.95

This beautiful handcrafted wand is made from aged hardwood. Each wand in this series is a unique to its own design. These are a collectors dream!

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Fantasy Duster Wand Trick
Fantasy Duster Wand
Trick by Strixmagic - $55.00

Imagine using this handsome black wand with silver tips for your show. Suddenly there is a speck of dust, and the wand turns into a feather duster to clean away the offending mote! Tons of comedy potential! Made in Italy, this wand is 33 cm long and the feathers are another 15 cm longer. Join...

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Appearing Wand Trick
Appearing Wand
Trick by The Essel Magic - $15.00

A magician should always have a magic wand on hand, and with this one, you'll always be ready to make a wand appear instantly at your command! Buy yours today!

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