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Porper Card Clip for Standard Decks Deck of cards
Porper Card Clip for Standard Decks
Deck of cards by Illusion.Works - $60.00

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Don't let a frayed card box or cheap clip make one for you! The inventor himself, Joe Porper, is back with a new and improved card clip. Tasteful, chic, and made of brass, these card clips are ready to protect standard and expensive decks alike...

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Switch Clip Trick
Switch Clip
Trick by Ray Joel and Magic From Holland - $39.95

What if an ordinary item can be used as a switching device?  A classic idea built to perfection. Have a spectator select ANY card from a well shuffled deck. Without looking at the face of this selected card, it is folded into quarters and placed in a bulldog clip. Only a small portion...

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Classic Clip Accessory
Classic Clip
Accessory by Dan and Dave Buck - $30.00

An essential to anyone serious about their craft, the Classic Clip is an indispensable utility that will add months onto the longevity of your go-to deck of playing cards. Made by Dan and Dave, each clip is precision crafted to be both functional and stylish. Nowhere else will you find...

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