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Lolli Hero Trick
Lolli Hero
Trick by Steve Rowe - $35.00

You have a spectator select a superhero from a number of "superhero cards," then insert a lollipop in your mouth and somehow after chewing the lollipop, you reveal the super hero's head, sculpted by your own teeth from the lollipop! Why? We have no idea! But it's a fun, strange effect that we...

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Super Aerial Glass Trick
Super Aerial Glass
Trick by Will Golden - $139.95

It is a pleasure to present you the Super Aerial Glass, the best system of floating glass available in the market!!! It took Wil Golden 7 years to develop this idea and finally it is back! NO hook!  NO weight!  NO ringing bottle!  NO searching...

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Airborne Wine And Glass Trick
Airborne Wine And Glass
Trick by Visual Magic - $85.00

The magician pours wine into an empty wine goblet and lets go of the glass as he is pouring. The glass magically remains suspended in air while the wine is still being poured from the bottle. An excellent stage effect! Our gimmick can be removed and placed in any standard wine or champagne bottle....

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