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Lolli Hero Trick
Lolli Hero
Trick by Steve Rowe - $35.00

Up, up and away! Here's an effect that will take you from zero to hero! Imagine showing a normal-looking lollipop to spectators. Then you put it into your mouth. The spectator calls out the name of a selected superhero, and you go to work, using teeth and tongue to mold and form...

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Super Aerial Glass Trick
Super Aerial Glass
Trick by Will Golden - $139.95

It is a pleasure to present you the Super Aerial Glass, the best system of floating glass available in the market!!! It took Wil Golden 7 years to develop this idea and finally it is back! NO hook!  NO weight!  NO ringing bottle!  NO searching...

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Super CSB Trick
Super CSB
Trick by Johnny Wong - $120.00

Johny Wong makes BEAUTIFUL coin gaffs. And the Copper/Silver/Brass gimick is a classic of coin magic that has endless possibilities. Super CSB is the latest product from Johnny Wong in June 2017. Unlike the old CSB Coin Gimmicks, Super CSB uses a combination of magnets. Any performer will be...

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