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Michael Ammar Live Lecture DVD DVD
Michael Ammar Live Lecture DVD
DVD by Michael Ammar - $9.95

The word "Magic" and the name "Michael Ammar" go hand in hand. Michael is a LIVING LEGEND in magic. Having been a personal student of the Professor himself, Dai Vernon, Michael has been an influence to magicians all over the world for many decades. In this 2 hour jam packed lecture, join host...

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Michael Ammar Live Lecture Live lecture
Michael Ammar Live Lecture
Live lecture by Michael Ammar - $7.95
Already aired. Download the lecture now!

In our never-ending quest to innovate and expand, we are expanding our little "empire" to bring you LIVE LECTURE EXPERIENCES with the sort of names you have come to enjoy from Vanishing Inc. Magic. Michael Ammar is the undisputed "best" lecturer of all time, and we have chosen him to...

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Opening Doors Trick
Opening Doors
Trick by Henry Evans - $110.00

YES. IT CAN BE EXPLAINED. The (in)famous "Trick that cannot be explained" developed by the Master Dai Vernon, is finally explained in details by one of the greatest exponent of our Art, Henry Evans. In these 3 DVD set you will find complete details of the techniques, performances, ploys, theories...

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