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Heist Trick
Trick by Jack Wise - $99.00

It's rare to find practical, visual parlor magic, and rarer still to find good opening effects. With "Heist" you have a perfect, magical and impressive opener for your parlor show. Based on Tommy Wonder's classic "Ring, Watch, Wallet" effect (a trick with a one-hundred year history), Irish...

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Heist - Spare Watch Accessory
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Heist - Spare Watch
Accessory by Vanishing Inc. Magic - $10.00

Spare watch for Heist.

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Magic and Mentalism of Barrie Richardson 1 - 3 DVD or download
Magic and Mentalism of Barrie Richardson 1 - 3
DVD or download by Barrie Richardson - $34.95 each

When Barrie Richardson's Theater of the Mind was published in 1999, it drew immediate acclaim from mentalists and magicians, professional and amateur alike, and quickly became a bestseller. His Act Two was just as popular, and now he brings a 3-DVD set to show you how his magic should look....

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