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The Nail Writer Anthology Book
The Nail Writer Anthology
Book by Thomas Baxter - $50.00

The Nail Writer is, ounce-for-ounce, the most powerful tool in the mentalist's arsenal. The Nail Writer Anthology, compiled and edited by Thomas Baxter, is packed with routines, ideas and uses for this secret device. Many of these come from top name contributors such as Marc Salem, Barrie...

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Micro Writer Accessory
Micro Writer
Accessory by Dave Powell - $12.00

The New Powell Micro Writer is perfect when you prefer an adhesive Boon-type nail writer for close-up or stage. The Micro Writer holds a replaceable pencil lead that be changed in seconds. You can perform mind boggling effects like revealing a thought of number or shape, predict the amount of...

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Nail Puzzle Accessory
Nail Puzzle
Accessory by Premium Magic - $2.40

A pair of Nails are twisted around each other, and cannot be separated unless you know the simple secret.Of course you are not permitted to force the Nails out of shape, or straighten them.

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