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David Stone Live at FFFF DVD
David Stone Live at FFFF
DVD by David Stone - $29.95

David Stone is a Frenchman. But, don't let that hold you back - he has some really amazing magic that we think you'd like to see. This is a live lecture DVD, filmed at the FFFF convention (that's a convention for people with a stutter). There's no fancy editing, or anything like that, you just get...

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The Real Secrets of Magic DVD
The Real Secrets of Magic
DVD by David Stone - $39.95 each

David Stone's magic is fantastic. Visual, impactful and entertaining, these DVDs are a MUST for any close-up magician!

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David Stone's Words Trick
David Stone's Words
Trick by So Magic Evenements - $100.00

Un spectateur prend un livre de mots mêlés et l'ouvre à n'importe quelle page. Il visualise un mot dans la grille et le mémorise. Quelques secondes de concentration suffisent pour que le mentaliste devine le mot choisi ! Mais l'expérience ne s'arrête pas là... Grâce au « David Stone WORDS » vous...

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