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Jurassic Deck Trick
Jurassic Deck
Trick by Peter Eggink - $29.90

The magician shows a deck of 52 different cards. Different movie titles ('Pretty Woman', 'E.T', 'Jaws' etc.) are boldly written black on the red back of each card. A 'movie collectors club' prediction card is placed on the table in full view...

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Ominous Deck Deck of cards
Ominous Deck
Deck of cards by Diamond Jim Tyler - $35.00

Two different people select cards, and these are mixed into a regular poker-sized deck. The deck is given to someone to hold between their hands. The magician reaches into the deck that's between their palms and miraculously retrieves both selections. He then states that he will take the whole...

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Travelling Deck 2.0 Trick
Travelling Deck 2.0
Trick by Takel - $29.99

Now with a brand new second gimmick, not only are you able to vanish a pack of cards but the box as well!Hold a card box with you hand; instantly, in front of the spectator, the card box disappears leaving you with a single card. Just as instantly you can make the whole deck disappear leaving you...

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