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Sixth Finger (Vernet) Trick
Sixth Finger (Vernet)
Trick - $4.00

Vernet has undoubtedly become the main False Finger manufacturer all over the World. Despite being a bit less popular, the Sixth Finger is as useful and practical as any other Vernet False Fingers. It was design to be use in between the fingers and to allow a bigger load and different...

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Finger Tip Set Accessory
Finger Tip Set
Accessory by Vernet Magic - $15.00

Vernet Thumb Tips and any of Vernet Finger Tips, have a lot of possibilities:  They are useful for professionals of amateurs. They can be used in close-up, parlour, stage magic or mentalism. You can perform appearances, disappearances, transformations, gags, and many more kinds of effects. You...

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Zen Pure Gold Playing Cards Deck of cards
Zen Pure Gold Playing Cards
Deck of cards by Expert Playing Card Company - $19.95

This special edition of Zen Pure playing cards is set apart by a gold foil print of the Zen logo on the back of the card and gold foil on the tuck, The Zen Pure Gold was printed in a very small run of only a thousand decks. The gold foil logo on the back beautifully catches the light...

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