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Stars of Magic Playing Cards (White) Deck of cards
Stars of Magic Playing Cards (White)
Deck of cards by Bruno Fraganello - $9.00

Released at the 26th World Championship of Magic in 2015 with Rimini as the host city, this deck is designed to celebrate the history of magic and to the artists that made it famous and beloved featuring among others: Alexander Herrmann, Giuseppe Pinetti, Harry Houdini, Harry Kellar, Chung Ling Soo...

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Puncture - US quarter Trick
Puncture - US quarter
Trick by Alex Linian - $25.00

This is EXACTLY what it would look like if you could puncture a pen with a coin. Be warned…the effect is only about two seconds long, but it is so visually arresting that you’ll want to do it on everyone you see. David Blaine did it on a special a few years ago, and we can see why.Unlike other pen...

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3 Card Monte 2000 Trick
3 Card Monte 2000
Trick by Henry Evans - $30.00

Henry Evans is known for two things: creating some amazing magic and sounding like Super Mario.3 Card Monte 2000 is one of his more famous creations. The magician displays one "winner card" along with two others, two Eight of Hearts cards, for example. The magician asks a spectator to try and...

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