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Milbourne Christopher Library I Book
Milbourne Christopher Library I
Book by Christopher Milbourne - $52.50

All magic historians and collectors have heard of Milbourne Christopher's legendary library but few had the opportunity to examine the countless rarities it contained. Now you can leisurely study every bibliographic detail of his lifetime collection of rare conjuring books. This volume contains 160...

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Drop Card Book
Drop Card
Book by Christopher Rawlins - $65.00

We're thrilled to be able to bring you this latest release from Christopher Rawlins, covering an in depth exploration of a premise that has captured Christopher's imagination for many years. Back in 2010 Christopher shared his effect Drop Card; a routine in which one spectator thinks...

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Project Zero DVD
Project Zero
DVD by Dave Forrest - $40.00

Dave Forrest is back with 'Project Zero' - the amazing new double disk set featuring fifteen incredible new effects involving holes! Imagine punching a hole in a card and then casually plucking the hole off. You toss it into the deck where it lands on a signed selection! Or, sliding...

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