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Thumb Tip Medium Vinyl Accessory
Thumb Tip Medium Vinyl
Accessory - $3.00

25 years ago, Vernet revolutionised the world of magic with the production of the Vernet Thumb Tip. Now, they've done it again with new Thumb Tip Soft. New Material: It's made in an entirely new soft material (not rubber). New Size: It's a bit wider and longer than the...

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Thumb Tip (Medium) Accessory
Thumb Tip (Medium)
Accessory - $3.00

These soft, medium-sized thumb tips are realistically designed by Vernet for all your magical routines.  Diameter- 13/16" (2.06cm)  Length- 2 1/8" (5.4cm)

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Magnetic Thumb Tip Accessory
Magnetic Thumb Tip
Accessory - $10.00

The Magnetic Thumb Tip is made with our famous Vernet Thumb Tip and the most powerful 'rare earth' magnet you can find.

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