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Thumb Tip Streamer Polka Dot Trick
Thumb Tip Streamer Polka Dot
Trick by The Essel Magic - $2.50

This is a silk streamer that will fit a thumbtip and can be used for any routine involving one. A beautiful silk streamer that appears from your seemingly empty hands. Fits perfectly inside your Thumb Tip. This silk streamer is decorated in black with white polka dots.

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Production Streamer Zebra 6
Production Streamer Zebra 6" x 18'
Trick by The Essel Magic - $19.95

Production streamers are a must for any large family show. They add color and size, without taking up much space to travel. A beautiful streamer made of fine silk which can be used in many ways including effects in which two hankies appear to blend together and produce as one. This creates a...

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TT Silk Streamer 36.5
TT Silk Streamer 36.5"
Accessory by Vincenzo Di Fatta - $5.20

These beautiful, 100% Italian Silk streamers easily fit into any thumb tip for a magical production. Multi color streamer.

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