Thumb Tip XXL King Size

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Thumb Tip XXL King Size - magic
Thumb Tip XXL King Size Thumb Tip XXL King Size

When even a large [King Size Thumb Tip](/thumbtips/thumb-tip-xx-king-size/) isn't big enough, now you can use these XXL King Size Thump Tips. These are the biggest thumb tips Vernet makes.

Available in classic hard vinyl plastic or a newer, more-realistic soft version.

Measurements 2in long x 1.2in diameter (50.9mm x 30.5mm)


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Customer reviews for Thumb Tip XXL King Size



Great thumb tip, it states XXL which it definatly is, It fits perfect, with plenty of loading room, it looks authentic too.



I had to get one to see just how big it actually was. Mind you, my favorite is the Vernet soft medium; I have average to small hands for a guy my size and age (I highly recommend the Vernet Fingertip Set for experimentation!)
I can honestly say I've never met anyone with hands big enough to use this thumb tip, but I'm certain a large group of people (...a group of large people?) released a collective sigh of relief when this became available, so they too, could impressively vanish and reproduce things!
This thing is so impressively large, it could very easily be mistaken for someone's severed big toe, lol!
So, if you don't use it for it's intended purpose*, it would make a great sight gag for a "toe chopper" or some such other shocking nonsense, lol.
*I'm reasonably sure the intended purpose is to fool people and have a great time doing it, so, have at it!!



This thumptip works perfectly. I needed an extra large thumb tip for a routine I was working on and so I tried a few different sizes. This one was perfect for me, and while it’s too big for my normal thumb tip stuff, it was perfect for what I was looking for.



very good



What can one write about the simple yet essential plastic thumb tip? I ordered 2 different sizes (King Size and XX King-Size) and it put me in mind of that classic fairytale 'The Three Bears'. The King Size was too tight, the XX King Size was too large. For some reason I couldn't find a X King Size Vernet thumb tip, but I have a feeling it will be just right.

For reference, my thumbs are approximately 0.80 inches wide and 2.25 inches long, if you, like me have stubby fingers the same size and are unsure of what size will be best for you, I think an X King Size Vernet thumb tip will be best if such a sizes exists.

To add to my idential review of the King Size, these thumb tips are so affordable that it may be worth ordering a few sizes.