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Travelling Deck 2.0 Trick
Travelling Deck 2.0
Trick by Takel - $29.99

Now with a brand new second gimmick, not only are you able to vanish a pack of cards but the box as well!Hold a card box with you hand; instantly, in front of the spectator, the card box disappears leaving you with a single card. Just as instantly you can make the whole deck disappear leaving you...

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Travel K Magic download (video)
Travel K
Magic download (video) by Creative Artists - $3.95

Travel K from Creative Artists is a clean, visual and pure sleight of hand demonstration of card magic. Effect: From a deck of cards, four kings are displayed and placed face down on the table. A card is then selected and removed from the deck, shown, and then placed back into the deck...

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Travel DVD
DVD by Jordan Victoria - $30.00

From the mind of Jordan Victoria all the way from France, Travel is a direct and visual approach on the classic two card monte.  It's a modern instant card swap effect that fits right in your wallet. Travel is a truly unique illusion as the amazing color change happens while the...

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