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The Cervon File Book
The Cervon File
Book by Bruce Cervon - $35.00

Bruce Cervon's reputation as a creator and performer of close-up magic is already firmly established. Laymen know him from appearances with Johnny Carson, Merv Griffin, Dick Cavett, Mike Douglas and on "That's Incredible". Magicians around the world have eagerly studied his writings in magazines...

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Bruce Lee Playing Cards Trick
Bruce Lee Playing Cards
Trick by Dan and Dave Buck - $15.00

In 2013 Dan and Dave teamed up with Bruce Lee Enterprises to produce a new deck of playing cards inspired by the martial arts master. 76 years ago, the Year of The Dragon, November 27, 1940, on the hour of the dragon, Bruce Lee was born. Known to the world as a martial artist, actor...

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1.5" Ultra Soft Sponge Balls (Red)
Accessory by Goshman - $4.58

Goshman sponge balls are renowned as the best sponge balls available on the market, and these 1.5-inch ultra soft sponge balls are no exception; quite simply the best sponge balls available today. A package of 4 high-density ultra soft sponge balls in red, allowing you to conceal and...

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