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Eye Exam trick Trick
Eye Exam trick
Trick by Danny Archer - $12.00

It`s two... two... two tricks in one. You can perform it as a card revelation or a packet trick. Performed as a packet trick with the theme of a vision test, a four of a kind is shown. The spectator is asked which card was face down, they say, none. The cards are shown and the Heart is face...

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The Vault - Ultra Crazy Man's Handcuffs Magic download (video)
The Vault - Ultra Crazy Man's Handcuffs
Magic download (video) by Music + Magic Entertainment - $9.95

It's time to upgrade your Crazy Man's Handcuffs routine with this masterclass, Ultra Crazy Man's Handcuffs! Quit just performing this as a quick piece and turn it into the performance piece it deserves to be! Rasmus takes you through all the ins and outs of angles, timing, etc. needed to...

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Video Vision Trick
Video Vision
Trick by Steve Fearson - $5.00

The Perfect Couch Potato Trick-Works with any VCR-No forces-No skill required-Use any three movies-Bonus routine included!You tell your friend that they can choose from three different movies. You can use any three movies you want. You hand them the remote control and tell them to name a movie....

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