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Anti-Faro DVD
DVD by Christian Engblom - $20.00

The Anti-Faro, a concept devised by Christian Engblom, accomplishes exactly what its name implies: a way of undoing a Faro shuffle. The Anti-Faro is a groundbreaking discovery and a singular leap forward into the design and construction of effects utilizing the faro. To perfectly interweave a...

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Unshuffled Trick
Trick by Anton James - $35.00

Show a mixed pack, give a wave of the hand and instantly the deck is UNSHUFFLED! Similar effects take years to master with a normal deck but with UNSHUFFLED you will be doing it right away! A utility deck that can be used for impressive, nearly self working effects or combined with standard card...

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Secrets of the Hindu Shuffle Book
Secrets of the Hindu Shuffle
Book by Lance Caffrey - $85.00

What if we told you that a young, talented magician from Singapore has written an entire book on the history and variation of the Hindu Shuffle? And what if we told you that it was so expertly researched and crafted that STEVE FORTE has associated himself with the project by providing an eloquent...

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