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Urban Underground DVD
Urban Underground
DVD by JC Sum - $40.00

Performed by J C Sum, "Urban Underground", is a formal close-up magic show that weaves masterfully structured routines that showcase a diverse range of plots, effects and props into a seamless modern close-up performance. In this two-volume DVD set, J C shares his show structure, original...

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Urban Illusions Book
Urban Illusions
Book by JC Sum - $90.00

Urban Illusions is a stunning collection of professional illusion designs from one of the most prolific illusion designers in the world! Besides being one of Asia's most successful illusionists, J C Sum represents a new generation of illusion thinkers. The book explains 10 cutting edge illusions...

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Who is Magic Babe Ning? Book
Who is Magic Babe Ning?
Book by Magic Babe NIng - $20.95

Asia's top female celebrity magician 'Magic Babe' Ning talks about her 10 years in the tough world of magic showbiz; an age-old industry traditionally dominated by men. Experience the real life adventures of this multi award-winning, world magic record-breaking, jet-setting...

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