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We have one aim. To improve the art of magic. At the core of that is Vanishing Inc.+

When you become a member of VI+, several exciting ways to improve your magic are instantly made available to you. You’ll get incredible live, interactive learning with the very best magicians in the world as part of Masterclass: Live, access to a hand-picked streaming library of our best magic videos, and free, fast shipping with no minimum spend.

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Masterclass Magic

Masterclass: Live

February 2022: Jamy Ian Swiss

This incredible, live learning experience is unrivalled in the magic world. You will get 4.5 hours a month of interactive lessons from the best magicians in the world. People like Chris Kenner, Asi Wind, David Williamson, and more.

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Vanishing Inc. Studio

We’ve hand-picked a premium collection of amazing magic videos that you can stream on any device. This is a carefully-curated library of premium videos titles you’ll actually watch and learn from. You’ll even find some of our best selling downloads in there. Every month we’ll be adding new titles so you can keep improving.

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Magic shop free shipping

Free shipping with no minimum spend*

While some magic shops offer free shipping that takes 8 weeks to arrive, VI+ free shipping on almost every order is sent expedited. If you just need a roughing stick, some flash paper or loops, we’ll get them to you as quickly as we can—fast and for free.

Free shipping without minimums is offered to the USA and UK only. We're hoping to extend that to our international friends one day, but at this time, the rest of the world receive 20% off shipping, plus free shipping when you spend more than $75.00.

4.5 hours of instruction, VI Studio streaming library, unlimited free shipping

VI+ Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to commit to?
There’s no minimum term, no contract. Just a rolling monthly agreement. We’re so confident you are going to love what you get, we’ve kept everything as simple as possible. You can cancel anytime you want quickly and easily from within your account area. But we don’t think you’ll want to!

What if there’s a lecturer on Masterclass: Live that doesn’t resonate with me?
Good question. You can pause your membership at any time! That means we won’t bill you for the month. Of course, you’ll lose access to the free shipping and VI Studio, but all that will restart the next month. You can easily and quickly pause your membership right within your account area with just one click.

Is the free shipping slow, like other magic stores?
Nope. In fact, almost every single order is sent expedited! This means it’s the fastest possible way to ship your magic. You’ll be amazed how quickly our free shipping reaches your mailbox.

Is there really no minimum spend?
No minimums at all. Even if you just order a thumb tip or a silk, we’ll get it to you as quickly as we can.

How often will you be adding new videos to VI Studio?
We’ll be adding new magic as frequently as possible. In fact, we have already set a schedule for the next six months and will be adding some killer magic that won’t even be sold; it’s exclusive to VI+ members.

I don’t live in USA or the UK, why can’t I get free shipping?
We’re really sorry, international pals, but the shipping charges outside the US and UK currently have too many variations at the moment to fit under a one-size-fits-all plan. But, we want to make sure you get the most of VI+, so we’re giving you 20% off any shipping option.

What if I want to cancel?
We really hope that will never happen. The caliber of our live lecturers and the quality of VI Studio videos should make you want to stay forever. But, in the unlikely event that VI+ doesn’t work out for you, you can cancel your membership in your account with just one click.

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