Virtual Magic Tricks for Zoom Magic Shows - page 16

Pellikaan Package Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Pellikaan Package
Magic download (video) by Peter Pellikaan - $30.00 $15.00 (SAVE $15.00)

It's fair to say Peter Pelikaan is an internet sensation. His face never appears in his videos, they look homemade, his voice is rough, and his...

Crosses Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Crosses
Magic download (video) by Peter Pellikaan - $7.14 $3.57 (SAVE $3.57)

This strange packet effect from the unusual internet sensation Peter Pellikaan has a bit of a wild card feel, as well as a "Printing" phase. But...

Cardtoon 2 Trick
Cardtoon 2
Trick by Dan Harlan - $18.00

The sequel to one of the top-selling card tricks ever...   Spectator names any card (no force). The performer shows drawings on the backs of...

Inferno Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Inferno
Trick by Joshua Jay - $30.00

Watch the trailer to see this amazing effect in full! A named card appears inside a matchbox. Inferno includes the matchbox, cards, and everything...

Impuzzibilities Book
Book by Jim Steinmeyer - $16.00

Strangely Self-Working Conjuring This 30-page booklet contains 13 self-working items including interactive tricks which are...

Card Artistry Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Card Artistry
Trick by Justin Flom - From $25.00

Justin Flom's "Card Artistry" is an unexpected revelation of a selected card in which the magician turns the deck into a famous painting (or if you...