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Legacy in India Trick
Legacy in India
Trick by Harri Magic Center (V) - $24.95

A Brainteaser from Faraway IndiaEasy to do - self workingSuitable for every audience and situation of presentationMakes Children laughAnd astonishes adultsWorks on an inscrutable mathematical basisAnd this is the story:There was once an Indian man named Halef, who had three sons-Amir, Bitkan, and...

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Copper and Brass - 5 Euro Cents/20 Euro Cents Gimmicked coin
Copper and Brass - 5 Euro Cents/20 Euro Cents
Gimmicked coin by Tango - $15.00

The magician displays two coins - a brass and a copper one. He places both coins under a handkerchief. He takes the brass coin and places it on the handkerchief and raises the handkerchief slightly to show the copper coin, but incredibly now there is a brass coin and the copper coin...

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Water Works DVD
Water Works
DVD by Paul Harris and Uday Jadugar - $39.95

An astonishing new method for the easiest, most powerful anti-gravity water effect...Ever.The good news is; You never have to hide anything in your hands! Plus there are no chemicals or sticky stuff involved. Your spectator can even take a sip of water from the bottle during the performance! Your...

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