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Synthetic Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Calvin Liew - $6.95

SKYMEMBER brings you:Synthetic - the eye candy effect with the rubber band by Calvin Liew. You borrow a rubber band and wrap it on your thumb.With a simple shoot, the rubber band visually penetrate your finger and TWISTED.With the final kicker the penetration happens right in front of the...

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Superior Invisible Deck Playing Cards Accessory
Superior Invisible Deck Playing Cards
Accessory by Expert Playing Card Company - $15.00

One of the greatest effects ever created is now available, factory made and sealed. This is the best Invisible Deck created to date. It features the Expert Playing Card Co.'s Superior Brand Classic playing cards, and matches the regular decks perfectly except for the seal, so you can instantly be...

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A Pasteboard Odyssey Book
A Pasteboard Odyssey
Book by Kevin Kelly - $25.00

This might be one of the most underestimated books I own. For the price, you get 130 pages filled with clever methods for common and uncommon card tricks.

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